University College Cork Offers Global Phd Positions for International Students in Ireland, 2020

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Scholarship Description:

As part of the SMARTeBuses project, University College Cork is providing programs for four-year PhD studies in computer science.

Financed by the Ireland Research RD&D Program’s Sustainable Energy Agency, the project is defined as Non-economic Public Good Research under EU State Aid Guidelines.

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Host College/University:

University College Cork places among the world’s leading 2 per cent universities. The University College Cork was established in 1845 and is a research-led, globally competitive university in Ireland.

You’ll receive the highest performance learning practices and knowledge as a student at University College Cork.

Degree level:

PhD degree plan.

Field of Study:

Student positions in computer science will be awarded to the graduates .

Scholarship Award: 

The winning applicants will each earn a minimum of € 18,500 annually for up to four years as well as an university tuition fee payment of € 5,500.

Note: Public inquiries can always be made to Dr. Alejandro Arbelaez regarding the current PhD positions at


Candidates from all nationalities across the globe are acknowledged.

Eligibility Criteria:

The conditions for qualification are as follows;

  • Most candidates will have a degree in computer science or mathematics with good theoretical, issue-solving and technology skills.
  • Applicants are expected to provide some expertise in software development constraints, operational research, artificial intelligence, four, local search, graph theory or machine learning, e.g. undertaking an undergraduate initiative in one of these areas or completing an MSc in a relevant area.
  • Other appropriate areas of study will be understanding of restrictive, integral or vibrant programming, or evolutionary computing or other metaheuristics, or a field of machine learning such as enhancing learning.

Applying procedure Instructions:

The following application guidelines are intended for applicants who wish to apply for scholarships:

  • Concerned candidates should apply to Dr Alejandro Arbelaez ( by electronic mail along with the subject line “PhD SMARTeBuses Application”.
  • Candidates must include educational transcripts (only in PDF format).
  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s or post graduate degree in computer science or mathematics.
  • If the Mother language of the candidate is not English, they will be asked to submit proof of English competence.

Scholarship Official Web Links:

Online Application: ◄–

Scholarship Link: ◄–

Scholarship Deadline:

February 7, 2020.

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