Top 5 Global Bursaries Which will Enable Your Education Free

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The main issue that students face while studying abroad is the cost of living. going abroad is an unbelievable knowledge but it comes with a price surprisingly. University fees, lodging, food and several other expenses must be charged.

We understand it’s not cool to search grants to benefit you to reach your goals of going to university abroad and that is why this is something we need to be presenting the Top 5 Global Bursaries Which will Enable Your Education Free.

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Erasmus in Europe:

If your vision is to study in any of the beautiful European cities, then you might be glad to see that Erasmus is here to support you.It is the highly common grant for applicants seeking to study overseas, and it pays all the costs that the award recipients are obliged to pay. The grant also provides a stipend every month.For details, Please read more.

Chevening Scholarships:

As we’ve addressed scholarships in Europe before, we need to include the Chevening Scholarships on our second spot. This initiative is sponsored by the Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth and provides 1,500 opportunities annually to candidates which are planning to move to the UK.The award offers tuition fees, monthly allowance and a return ticket to the native country of the recipient. For details, Please read more.

Endeavour Scholarships for Postgraduates:

Australia is a wonderful place to visit. People’s culture is vibrant and the school system, more importantly, is renowned for its quality.The Endeavour Postgraduate Awards focus on helping foreign candidates to pursue their Australian Master’s or PhD. studies.For details, Please read more.

Scholarships at the Swedish University:

Another great country offering the opportunity for participants to pursue a journey to excellence in Sweden. Foreign students attentive in receiving a Master’s degree in Sweden will be pleasantly surprised to find out that 550 places are supported by the Swedish Institute Study Scholarships which are sponsored entirely.For details, Please read more.

The Gates Millennium Awards:

We’ll conclude the selection with the Gates Millennium Awards. As the title of the scholarship program suggests, it is sponsored to us by the wealthy Bill and Melinda Gates that have committed to pay for the cost of 1,000 candidates every year.The program also includes cost of lodging which is very costly in the US.For details, Please read more.



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