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We have prepared 95% answered questions that will help you in your scholarship application and guide you through the steps to secure your dream scholarship that will change your life and change the future.

What does scholarship forum offer?

Scholarship forum is an informative website about international scholarships for students to study anywhere in the world.

Can I get a scholarship forum on my mail?

Yes! When you subscribe to scholarship forum newsletter, we send in related scholarship to your mail daily and or weekly with deadlines.

What is partial scholarship?

A partial scholarship is scholarship award that cover either tuition fee only or for your first year at the university.

What is fully funded scholarship | 100% tuition fee scholarship?

Fully Funded scholarship or 100% tuition fee scholarship are scholarship awards that cover all your living expenses, tuition fee, transportation, health insurance, travelling, books and any other expenses throughout your study duration.

Who is an international student?

International students or applicants are citizens of other countries and not citizen or permanent residence of the country which the scholarship or university is located.

What kind of scholarships is available?

There are various scholarship offers available yearly; some are partial scholarship, while some are fully funded scholarship for either undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Always check the scholarship type to know if the scholarship is for you.

Can I get a Postgraduate scholarship?

Yes! Most of the scholarship offers are awarded to graduate applicants (mostly masters) who seek to further their educational career and add more value to either the university or their community.

What is my chance of been selected?

Scholarship award is always competitive and only candidates that meet the required criteria are mostly selected for the offer. Some scholarship provider received application 10 times more than the required scholars and it is always competitive to be selected for the award.

We always advice our candidate to have necessary requirements before applying for a scholarship awards as it is mostly given to best performance applicants.

Where do I find a scholarship offer? posts thousands of scholarship awards you can apply. You can also check the search engine for other related scholarships.

Do I need to apply for a scholarship before admitted to the university?

No! Scholarship is for applicants that could not pay their tuition fee and need assistance to cover some expenses. If applicant can afford His or Her tuition fee then, there is no need to apply for a scholarship but some institution awards all admitted students a scholarship (partial) when accepted into the institution and students can also apply for a scholarship after accepted to the institution.

How do I Know a Scholarship is for International students/applicants?

All scholarship which are for international applicants, citizens of a specific country or for Africa are well describe in “Eligible Countries”

How do I know if am eligible for the scholarship?

All scholarship post has eligible criteria or eligibility requirements. Always read with understanding to know if you are eligible for the award, and then if you meet the eligible criteria, apply immediately.

Do I need English Proficiency Test?

Not all the scholarship requires “English Proficiency Test” especially if you are a citizen of an English speaking country. We always include whether the scholarship required English test or not but to some countries, mostly Non-English speaking country require that applicants have completed an English test.

What documents do I need to submit when applying for a scholarship?

We always tell our candidates the powerful trick to winning a scholarship involves your documents.

You are expected to submit the following documents when applying for a scholarship award;

  • Academic transcript;
  • Personal essay or essay on a given topic;
  • Letter(s) of recommendation; Mostly from your high school teacher, principal or employer (for postgraduate applicants).

How can I write a good scholarship essay?

When writing a scholarship essay always look into the powerful trick of winning the particular scholarship award.

Scholarship essay can be either personal or on a specific topic but make your essay address you background, goal, need for the scholarship, how you intend to use it, your leadership and community service.

Can I apply for a Masters Scholarship during my Bachelor degree?

No! You must graduate before applying for Master’s degree either scholarship or not. Scholarship provider and University choose will require you to upload or submit your undergraduate transcript before you can be awarded the scholarship.

How can I find a scholarship in a particular country?

We have make list of scholarships in a particular country of interest; Simply search for a scholarship either in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, and other foreign countries.

Can I change my degree course (Major) of study after been awarded the scholarship?

Yes! You can change your major to any other Major you find interest in; but it will be wise you choose the major that still cover the scholarship.

Some scholarships are paid to the students directly not to the institution.

Can I Negotiate with University for scholarship?

Most of the university welcome students to discuss their problem regarding studying in their institution. University will either refer you to any open scholarship through financial aid office.

How do I Know if am awarded the scholarship?

All scholarship information will be send directly to your mail; the mail you provide during your application. We advise candidate to check their mail daily to know any related update and or information.

Who Should I ask for Letter of Recommendation?

Best people to approach for letter of recommendation is your high school teachers, friends, counselor, principal, parents and your employer. Most scholarship provider requires at least three (3) Letters of recommendation to proceed the offer.

Can I Use my scholarship fund for anything?

Yes! But it will be ideal if you use the fund for the specific offer, investment, laptop or any other thing that will enhance your study flexibility.

Can I work during my study?

Some institutions in US agree students to work while studying, while some offer on campus job to help student’s expenses.

If you have any questions, you can also contact us.