Online Learning can Lead to a Lifelong Career

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If you’ve been hesitant to go back to school because you don’t want to deal with the commute, maybe it’s time to give online learning (education) a try. In today’s world where remote work and social isolation is the norm, an online education will give you both purpose and a career trajectory. Keep reading as Scholarship Forum takes a quick dive into degrees that make sense.

In-Demand Careers:

Despite the pandemic, some aspects of the economy continue to remain fairly stable. However, there are a few jobs that may offer long-term stability. These include teaching, information technology, and biosciences.

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  • Being a teacher is a labor of love, but it requires, in most cases, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. An online teaching degree can help you get a job in primary, middle, or high school, where you can influence the next generation. To obtain a teaching license, many states further require you to pass a background check, skills tests, and entrance exam before leading a classroom.
  • Information Technology:

    Information technology encompasses many areas, including database administration, cybersecurity, networking, and software development. In any of these positions, you work with technology to streamline personal and professional processes.

  • According to BioOhio, bioscience is a vastly diverse application of disciplines that utilize biological solutions to better quality of life for everyone. A degree in this industry may lead you to work in agriculture or medicine, both crucial global industries.

Benefits Of Online Learning:

Learning online used to be a novelty. Today, it is the norm, and even students as young as kindergarten have transitioned into a virtual education model. In addition to helping you steer clear of large crowds, the benefits of an online education include flexibility, diversity, and cost savings.

  • In an online education model, you are not typically expected to be in class at a specific time. In most cases, you can log in and complete your coursework at your convenience. This is an excellent opportunity for working parents to go back to school and improve their income.
  • There is an almost endless variety of classes you can take when you turn to the internet instead of your brick-and-mortar college. You may even be able to enroll in multiple schools if your first choice doesn’t offer every class you want to take.
  • Cost savings. Online learning is often less expensive. Even when tuition and books are the same, you’ll save drastically on living expenses and the commute.

Funding Your Education:

If you’ve yet to consider the financial impact of college, it’s time to start looking at your money situation. There are a few different ways to pay for college outside of traditional loans, including your savings, scholarships, and an IRA cash out.

  • According to Value Penguin, the average American under the age of 35 has less than $9,000 in savings. This is scarcely enough to cover even a semester of college. However, if you have a safety net, use it.
  • Many adult learners are afraid to look for scholarships for fear that these are only earmarked for high school students. The truth is, according to Scholarship Forum, there are many scholarships available in the U.S. and abroad for learners of all ages.
  • If you have an IRA, you may utilize these funds to pay for your higher education without worrying about the 10% early withdrawal penalty.

Ultimately, how and when you decide to go back to school is a personal decision. But, online learning makes sense for many reasons. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it has to be a frightening experience. And, earning your degree will give you one more tool in your family’s arsenal that will help you live comfortably while contributing to your community.

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