Kunsan National University Offers Scholarship on Intelligent Autonomous Systems Robotics Learning and Control in Korea, 2019

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Scholarship Description:

Do you want to study in Korea? So you must join the Study and Research program which is presenting by the Kunsan National University in Korea.

This educational award is activated to support all aspirants who are interested in Intelligent Autonomous Systems Robotics Learning at KNU in Korea.

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Host College/University:

Kunsan National University received its university status in 1991. It is a national university which was known as Kunsan Teacher’s College in 1947, Korea.

At this university, you will have all the facilities which will be needed in your education. The teachers of this university are very focused on the applicant’s education and help them to reach

Degree level:

Master, Postdoctoral & PhD level program.

Field of Study:

Can apply for a master, PhD, and postdoctoral level program in the field of Autonomous Systems Design(Embedded Programming with C/C++, Python, Microprocessor Programming and Applications, Intelligent Control: Neural Networks, Fuzzy, Genetic Algorithms….), and Machine and Deep Learning (Deep Learning with Vision Systems (Depth, Mono Camera, Lidar),Deep Reinforcement Learning for Collision Avoidance, Navigation and Control, Robotics Learning (Machine Learning, CNN, RNN, DNN, etc… )).

Scholarship Award: 

For masters program, the award amount will be $1,300/month or more, for PhD course $1,500/month or more, and for the postdoctoral program, the amount will be negotiated.


Applicants of any nationality are eligible for this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria:

Must have Experienced Deep Machine Learning, Embedded control design for autonomous robots and programming languages such as Python/Keras/Pytorch, C/C++, and LabVIEW.

Applying procedure Instructions:

  • Applicants should be submitted a copy of transcripts or certificates, curriculum vitae, copy of the passport and etc.
  • An undergraduate degree for masters, master’s degree for a PhD, and a PhD degree for a postdoctoral research level course are required.
  • Be good in the English language.

In order to apply for this opportunity, you need to contact- Deok-Jin Lee, Professor, School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
Smart Autonomous Systems Lab (www.saslab.kr), Kunsan National University, Gunsan, Korea
Phone: +82 63 469 4725, Fax: +82 63 469 4727, Email: deokjlee@kunsan.ac.kr

Scholarship Official Web Links:

Online Application: ◄–

Scholarship Link: ◄–

Scholarship Deadline:

July 13, 2019

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