List of HEC Recognized Universities in Pakistan 2020

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In this article, you will find complete information about the educational institutions and how they have been achieving merits as the best institutions in Pakistan because of their high education standards. The concept of higher education in this country is like a regular course of action where many students continue their studies further than high schools, colleges (intermediate level) or even some academic societies. The administration of higher education is directed under the supervision of HEC (Higher Education Commission), which caters to students with financial support, research outputs, and high teaching quality in Pakistan appropriately. The system of higher education in Pakistan comprises of the private, public, vocational, and military universities where each university is recognized by the HEC.

In Pakistan, around 445,000 students graduate from their universities every year and not to forget, 10,000 students, graduate in the field of Computer Science. There are about 183 institutions certified by the HEC and many institutions that promote higher learning are an integral part of the country. The process of obtaining university education is the one that comes after primary and secondary education at colleges and universities.

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The system of education is different from institution to institution and from country to country. What’s important for Pakistan and its education system may not be important for some other country because their approaches and programs might be different. Pakistan has universities that are recognized all over the world which is great for the students as many of them aim to get settles abroad and this recognition gives them that chance. However, some fail to do so but we should never let our failure bring us down. We should be the ones who keep trying to reach the top and we sure will succeed one day. Here is the list of the following prominent universities in Pakistan that are given according to their ranking in 2019 but these have managed to establish an incredible standard among other universities even in 2020.

Have a look at the list of universities in Pakistan recognized by the HEC:

1. NUST – National University of Science and Technology

At some point in our academic life, we talk about how there are great job opportunities after we graduate from the best universities in Pakistan. Then we come to know how universities have a bad reputation full of rich kids who do nothing but party. Well, if you think NUST comes under that category, you are wrong. NUST has an amazing infrastructure with really professional and helpful faculty members who give you an educational experience for a lifetime. It is on the list of HEC affiliated universities and give a very memorable time for the people.

2. UET – University of Engineering & Technology

This university in Lahore is the most ancient engineering university in Pakistan. It is deeply dedicated to the field of science and mathematics and comprises of 35 departments and 7 faculties which portrays its diversity.

Students in most universities complain about how they don’t have a platform to showcase their skills or don’t have access to financial support or aid from the university but fortunately, UET Lahore has an amazing foreign exchange program for students. In this program, more than 500 international candidates are enrolled every year and get the chance to study their favorite subjects taught by the best instructors of the university.

3. NED University of Science & Technology

NED is located in Karachi in an area that is near and similar to Karachi University. Being the oldest university of Pakistan, there’s some history attached to it. We were under the rule of the British government for a really long time and that rule held us badly, but the good part is that they established this university which although reached its prominence level after their rule. This means that the contribution of every member associated with the institution means a lot for the success of that institution.

4. Aga Khan University

Aga Khan University is the one that everybody knows about. It’s one of the incredible independent research universities and not only in Pakistan, but also in various other countries across the world, that include Uganda, Kenya, and the UK. In 1983, Prince Aga Khan (IV) founded it and it has made progress in the medical field ever since. It is a university which greatly promotes the welfare of human society or humanity through its research. Aga Khan University will undoubtedly be on top of the list once you search it up in a list of HEC recognized universities.

5. University of Health Sciences

University of Health Sciences is known to be the second-largest medical university in our very beloved country Pakistan. It has even maintained high standards internationally and it’s the aim of many spirited medical students to study from one of the HEC recognized universities in Lahore, Pakistan. You may not believe this but students from all parts of the country dream to be involved in this excellent institution. The affiliation of every private medical, public, and dental college of the province of Punjab increases the importance of the University of Health Sciences and we should definitely promote the important and biggest things in our life.

The services that this institution has to offer, be it an educational setting or in a recreational facility, are so memorable that students take an active part in it. There should definitely be a university where the students studying don’t feel like everything has been so overwhelming or if they need some time off. The university must be able to provide for the students and do what is in the best interest of them.

6. King Edward Medical University

This university is located in Lahore and bears the name of a colonizer. It is one of the top universities when it comes to the list of recognized universities by the HEC. A person has the freedom to dream and to study in this university is yet another dream of many students.

7. IBA – Institute of Business Administration

IBA comes under the top list of universities in Karachi, Pakistan. This independent university was developed in 1995 by the government of Pakistan as one of the business schools. Ever since it has maintained a huge name and is now one of the leading business universities in Pakistan.

8. SZABIST – Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology

SZABIST is the greatest HEC recognized university for business management in Karachi, Pakistan. According to webfollow, university also offers an excellent media program and is a reputable university that has built an image even on an international level due to its diversity. The part where you mention this as your university in your resume gives an amazing impact on the reader because this is not just a place to get an education and move on, instead it is a place to grow and succeed.

9. Textile Institute of Pakistan

The HEC recognized universities list does not have an end that easily. That’s how well managed our institutions are. TIP, Karachi is a private university and you can tell by its name what it has to offer to the students. The major goal was to support the textile industry of Pakistan and today, we see students contributing to it fairly.

10. Institute of Management Sciences

It was formerly called the ‘Pak-American Institute of Management Sciences’. It was formed in 1987 and focuses its studies on the field of management as well as computer sciences. You must not forget to include it in HEC recognized universities because the list of such institutions will be huge. If we talk about Pakistan, sure the country has its ups and downs, but nothing matches the facilitation it has provided us and the ease we grow up in.

11. NCA – National College of Arts

This is exactly the kind of college that every art student, wait, almost half of the Pakistani students want to get into. NCA is that place for students where they not only envision for their dreams to come true, they want to take part in all the activities the college offers and work hard enough to acquire a good position in the institution. It was formed in 1958 and started with 3 main departments which were successful enough with due time.

12. Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture

You are an artist or have a thing for fashion designing, do you think you will consider the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture? Yes, you sure will! IVS is a very respectable and well-renowned art institution developed in 1989 and started to grant its degree. Later, it came fourth on the private institutions’ list where it was given a university ranking.

3. Quaid e Azam University

Quaid e Azam University is a university for pubic research established in the Fayaz Act. We can see by the name of the university that it is named after our wonderful founder, Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. At the start, it served only to students receiving postgraduate education, but as time passed it developed to that level in the year 1980.

14. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology

It’s a public university that is under the HEC recognized universities in Pakistan and is ranked amongst the best 250 Asian universities. There are many campuses near to the main campus in Islamabad. According to the latest HEC rankings, COMSATS was ranked amongst the best universities.

15. KU – University of Karachi

Karachi University basically has the heart of all students. Be it a rough day or a nice one, this university has a lot to offer besides studies. The biggest university in Karachi caters to its students with an extensive range of course. Its departments are extended over the land of 1279 acres, which means that it’s a city in a city. This university is accepted internationally and so, it’s worth the try.

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