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Nordplus Scholarships

Aalborg University Offers Nordplus Scholarships for International Students in Denmark, 2021

Take advantage of Bachelor Revolving Scholarships today! Aalborg University will be providing Nordplus Scholarships for undergraduate students for the academic year 2021-22. The program aims to support international students who are going to start an undergraduate degree program at the university.

Aalborg University Offers PhD Positions in Human-Centered Computing in Denmark, 2020

The main purpose of this educational award is to attract domestic and international students for taking the PhD degree program at the university in Denmark. All highly talented and motivated students are welcomed to apply for the “PhD Positions in Human-Centered Computing”. The program is funded by Aalborg University for the session 2020/21.

Aalborg University Offers PhD Scholarship in AI Technologies and Emerging Eco-Systems in Denmark, 2020

The main purpose of this program is to develop PhD level education and research in AI Technologies and Emerging Eco-Systems for the academic year 20220/21. The Department of Business and Management at Aalborg University is seeking for best and brightest candidates to apply for the PhD Scholarship in Denmark.