Linköping University Offers Global Doctoral Awards For Foreign Students in Sweden, 2020

Linköping University is delighted to announce the Global Doctoral Awards in All-Organic Stretchable Batteries. Foreign applicants (Non-Swedish citizens) from all across the globe that wishes to explore university education in Sweden are able to apply. The main objective of this award is to improve the products, design principles and technologies for all-organic stretchable batteries.Expandable batteries are desirable for stretchy IOT tags and wearable devices because they persist consistently and shock absorbent even at high thickness.

University College Cork Offers Global Phd Positions for International Students in Ireland, 2020

As part of the SMARTeBuses project, University College Cork is providing programs for four-year PhD studies in computer science. Financed by the Ireland Research RD&D Program's Sustainable Energy Agency, the project is defined as Non-economic Public Good Research under EU State Aid Guidelines.

Hallym University Offers Global Doctoral Research Assistantship for Foreign Students in South Korea, 2020

Applications for the Department of Chemistry, Hallym University, South Korea are welcomed for the Fall Semester, 2020 Graduate Research Assistant ship. The Postdoctoral Research Assistant is valid for the Doctoral program and candidates are able to qualify throughout the globe. A HU laboratory headed by Prof. Taisun Kim aims to attract promising research candidates for the PhD course.

American University Offers Merit Awards for Foreign Graduate Candidates in USA, 2020

Would you wish to study your postgraduate studies in the United States? At that time go forward and take a part of the American University Merit Awards for Graduate Students. The offer is available to candidates from across the globe who will be enrolling in a U.S. Masters or Doctoral degree courses.

Karlstad University Offers International Global Program in Sweden, 2020

Would you like to study in Sweden? If so, then just go onward and accept for the University of Karlstad's International Global Program. The scholarship is open to top academic students from non-EU / European Economic Area (and Switzerland) countries who are allowed to pay university fees for education.

Queen’s University Belfast Offers Fully Funded Doctoral Opportunities in UK, 2020

The Queen's University Belfast School of Psychology offers PhD qualifications funded by the Department of Economics of Northern Ireland. Fully funded associate ship is mandatory for all candidates with PhD's and Master of Science who have or hope to receive an upper second class honors degree.

University of St Andrews Offers International Doctoral Grant in Physics in UK, 2020

Would you like to fund your UK university education? Request for a International Doctoral Grant in Physics and Astronomy School for the academic year 2020-21. The grant is available to candidates who can initiate their doctorate at the University of St Andrews in September 2020.

University of Waterloo Offers Memorial Engineering Award from Roman Baldur in Canada, 2020

Are you a Canadian foreign student or citizen enrolled at the University of Waterloo? If yes, the university will be offering the Roman Baldur Memorial Engineering Medal. The research scholarship is open to students living in Canada / Permanent and foreigner.

Monash University Offers Opportunity for PhD Awards for Foreign Students in Australia, 2020

If you are on the road to obtain a PhD award, you will have a fantastic chance to do so. The University of Monash is pleased to announce Opportunity for PhD Awards for 2020-21. Applicants must establish and then use implementing expertise and methodology as the PhD applicant to evaluate the implementation action of the IMPRovE guideline.

Heidelberg University Offers PhD Scholarships in Neuro Biology for Foreign Students in Germany, 2020

Prof. Dr. Daniela Mauceri is proudly announce PhD scholarships in the University of Heidelberg at Neuro Bbiology Department, Germany. The aspirant must be a highly competent individual with a powerful mindset towards self-employment. For three years, the PhD program is fully financed and is scheduled to begin in the winter of 2020.

National Institute of Development Administration Offers Full Doctoral Grants for Foreign Students in Thailand,...

Would you like to sponsor your higher education in Thailand? Then you must submit application at the National Institute of Development Administration for a full doctoral thesis. The scholarship is open to foreign students at NIDA's School of Applied Statistics in Thailand to obtain a PhD degree in computer science and information systems.

Aston University Offers PhD Grants for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

Aston University offers PhD grants (Bio processing and Functional Magnetic Nanomaterials) that are sponsored by the School of Engineering and Applied Science to promote candidates in the UK to progress their professional careers. A three-year postgraduate student's degree or equivalent credential in bio / chemical engineering, biotechnology or any other related area is required for applicants.

RMIT University Offers Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship for Brilliant Students in Australia, 2020

If you are seeking funding for a Doctoral, you will evaluate your possibilities as quickly as possible. The doctoral bursary of the Vice-Chancellor is sponsored by the RMIT University. The research awards are granted to domestic and foreign candidates with a doctoral degree in science on the basis of academic achievement and study efficiency.

The Beit Trust Offers Bursaries in Medical and Surgical Research for Foreign Students in...

If you are really searching for a support and a way to support your education, you will be applying for Bursaries in Medical and Surgical Research which the Beit Trust will be for the year 2020-21. The trust provides a significant number of scholarships yearly to support a selection of candidates and young people, both African and British, to pursue work or study in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

University of Alberta Offers Funding for Foreign Students by Alberta Academic Excellence in Canada,...

Do you want to live in Canada? If yes, then move ahead and prepare yourself for application of the University of Alberta's Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship. The new excellence scholarship is accessible to candidates performing graduate studies in Alberta to achieve outstanding academic results.

Tilburg University Offers Fellowship Compensation and Global Honors in Economics Research in Netherlands, 2020

The Tilburg School of Economics and Management is pleased to inform its tuition fees and global Master in Economics Research awards. Such scholarships are the Koopmans Scholarship, the Center Scholarship and the Scholarship for Achievement. The university provides monetary support for competent and committed candidates who wish to pursue our Master's and PhD research courses.

University of Warwick Offers PAIS Doctoral Scholarship for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

The Faculty of Politics and International Studies is pleased to inform of any nation at the University of Warwick the PAIS Doctoral Scholarship for Foreign Students. This graduate assistant ship offers all qualifying students who wish to enroll in a Doctoral program at the UK university with a free tuition facility.

University of Sheffield Offers Baccalaureate Scholarship for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

Sheffield University is pleased to grant 5 International Baccalaureate Undergraduate scholarships on Merit basis in session 2020-21. The scholarship is available to new foreign (non-EU) students that aim to begin a university degree.

Institute Curie Offers Global Student’s PhD program for Foreign Students in France, 2020

Would you like to make progress in your research career in France? If that's so, then the best choice for you is the Curie Institute. The Curie Institute is considering applying for the EuReCa PhD program for highly successful applicants.  There is an educational opportunity for students across all nations who wish to partake in a Doctoral program at session 2020/21 of the university.

University of Newcastle Offers PhD Positions in Preventing Pressure Injury Through Skin Protection Strategies...

If you're looking for a chance to study in Australia, this is an excellent opportunity to apply for the University of Newcastle's Preventing Pressure Injury by Skin Defense Strategies-PhD Positions. The program is available to foreign as well as local students wanting to study PhD coursework at Australia University.