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AI Technologies Scholarships 2022 - 2023

Find a list of AI Technologies Scholarships for both domestic and International students at all levels from Bachelors to Ph.D on this page.

York University Offers International Health Funding for Foreign Students in Canada, 2020

Candidates were encouraged to apply for the York University in Canada's Global Health Program. The offer is available to certain highly attaining local and foreign students who are capable of completing the York University bachelor's degree plan.

University of Sydney Offers Globally Vice Chancellor Awards Program in Australia, 2020

Scholarships offer a chance for participants to be trained. Looking ahead, Sydney University is introducing the Global Vice Chancellor Awards Program for outstanding candidates across the globe. The academic grant is available to strong-potential foreign applicants beginning in a graduate program at Sydney's University in Australia.
international awards

Anderson University Offers International Awards for Foreign Students in USA, 2021

Anderson University is now awarding international awards in USA to help and support talented students who want to qualify in their requiring field of education. Main motive of these awards is to provide financial support to the deserving and the needy candidates. The grant is open for the academic session on 2021-22.

La Trobe University Offers Research Equity Scholarships in Australia, 2020

Intending to support the education of outstanding students in Australia, La Trobe University is proud to announce the Research Equity Scholarships for the session 2020/21. The program is open for domestic and international students. The program attracts excellent students who want to commence an doctoral degree in any subject offered by the university.

University of Leeds Offers International Foundation Year Scholarship for Foreign Students in UK, 2020

The University of Leeds is providing International Foundation Award for the educational year 2020-21 in order to provide financial support to highly talented foreign students. The scholarship is available to assist all eligible applicants who wish to pursue the university courses for the undergraduate degree at Leeds University, UK.

Institute Curie Offers Global Student’s PhD program for Foreign Students in France, 2020

Would you like to make progress in your research career in France? If that's so, then the best choice for you is the Curie Institute. The Curie Institute is considering applying for the EuReCa PhD program for highly successful applicants.  There is an educational opportunity for students across all nations who wish to partake in a Doctoral program at session 2020/21 of the university.

Capital University Offers Global Awards for Foreign Students in USA, 2020

The United States is among the leading places for foreign students in college. If you also want to study in the United States, then apply for the Capital University's Global Awards for Foreign Students. The primary objective of this scholarship is to recruit students internationally who will begin an undergraduate degree course at Capital University in the USA.
Australia International Awards

Swinburne University of Technology Offers Australia International Awards in Australia, 2021

Take the first step toward your higher education goals with the Australia International Awards. Swinburne University of Technology is offering the award program for undergraduate students who want to study in Australia. This scholarship is available for all international students from across the globe, who are undertaking the undergraduate program for the academic 2020-21.

University of Detroit Mercy Offers Scholarships for Undergraduate Students in USA, 2020

The University of Detroit Mercy is pleased to inform the Foreign Undergraduate Students Bursaries for the academic year 2020-21. The scholarship is open for outstanding candidates from around the world to complete the coursework of the bachelor's degree at the US university.

University of Canterbury Offers International Prospective Students Scholarships in New Zealand, 2020

If you are an international student and want to study in the New Zealand, then apply for International Prospective Students Scholarships at the University of Canterbury. The educational award is open for those students who want to start their undergraduate degree program at the university for the academic year 2020/2021.

University of Hawaii Offers UH Hilo Global Student Scholarship in USA, 2020

Have your American graduate assistant ship! Registration is available solely to the brilliant foreign students at the University of Hawaii in Hilo for UH Hilo Global Student Scholarship. The grant is triggered for great potential globally applicants beginning at the University of Hawaii in the United States in an undergraduate degree program.

Leiden University Offers Minerva Scholarship Awards for Foreign Students in Netherlands, 2020

If you need to grab a finance education from the University of Leiden, well don't miss an opportunity to qualify for the Netherlands Minerva Scholarship Fund. The plan seeks to grant bachelor, master, and research project study scholarships for the 2020-21 educational year. Foreign students from around the world can qualify for the Fund.
International Award of Excellence

McMaster University Offers McMaster University International Award of Excellence in Canada, 2021

The McMaster University is offering the McMaster University International Award of Excellence for the academic year 2021-22. This competition funded studentship is available to UK, European and International students. The main purpose of this program is to provide award amount of $3000 for those eligible students who are going to take part in a undergraduate degree at the McMaster University.

Western Washington University Offers International Achievement Award in USA, 2020

The grant is open for international students in order to pursue undergraduate degree coursework at the university in the US. With the motive of supporting high potential students, Western Washington University is offering the International Achievement Award for the academic year 2020-21.

University Leicester Offers Fully Funded Doctoral Awards at De Montfort in UK, 2020

Wanting to finish your graduate studies at the top university in the UK? Bonne nouvelle! De Montfort University Leicester now provides you the chance to register for full-funded PhD awards in the UK. The program is designed to enable all promising applicants who are interested in taking session 2020-2021 to research the Doctoral coursework at the university. The studentship is available to UK students as well as foreign students.
International Excellence Scholarships

University of Brighton Offers Vice-Chancellor’s Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarships in UK, 2020

The University of Brighton is inviting candidates to become a part of the Vice-Chancellor’s postgraduate international excellence scholarships for the academic year 2020-2021. The educational program is open for outstanding students who are enrolling in the post graduate degree course work at University of Brighton.

University of New South Wales Offers UNSW Australia’s Global University Award in Australia, 2020

The University of New South Wales is encouraging students to become a part of the UNSW Australia’s Global University Award for the academic year 2020-2021. The grant is exclusively open for both domestic and international students. The aim of the funding program is to support highly motivated students proceeding to the Professional Years of the undergraduate or postgraduate degree coursework.

Babson College Offers International Scholars Academic Program in USA, 2020

Grants create a chance for candidates to be educated. If you really need to want a research scholarship then register for Babson Centennial's International Scholars Academic Program. The college scholarship is valid for highly talented foreign applicants who plan to begin in the United States in a bachelor's degree program.

Harbin Institute of Technology Offers Scholarships for International students awarded by Chinese Government in...

If you have a vision of using the funding system to research in China, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply for the Harbin Institute of Technology System award from the Chinese government. The education award is open to international students except China, which can apply for the HIT Independent Recruitment Program only if they want to study a Master's or PhD degree.

University of Zurich Offers Fully Funded PhD Positions for International Students in Switzerland, 2020

Scholarships are open to graduates from around the world. They are awarded to candidates on the grounds of outstanding academic merit, and continuing support will be subject to the satisfactory completion of course work. The Zurich Graduate School of Economics at the University of Zurich is offering up to 3 PhD Positions to outstanding university graduates.