5 Ways of Studying Abroad That Will Change Your Life

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Studying abroad is the dream of a number of people residing in our country. Better universities with specialized subjects, the reputed foreign educational degrees have much more importance, and hence presents better job opportunities.

While it is great for the career to study abroad, but a bit difficult to settle in a completely different environment. You might even go through homesickness and would want to return back home. To avoid such scenarios and make complete use of your time to focus well on your studies, it is important to stay happy. So here are 5 ways to be happier while studying abroad.

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To study abroad is a dream come true, especially if you are interested in immersing yourself into a whole new culture and lifestyle. It is a new place to explore, a time for complete adventure, and also a great time to re-discover yourself. Unfamiliarity is sometimes exciting but also terrifying and lonely at times.

So, make sure to stay happy while you pursue your studies in a foreign land. Here are the basic five ways to keep yourself engaged and happy while on foreign soil.

Reach Out, Interact, and Socialize:

Isolation and loneliness trigger anxiety problems and depression among young minds and it has been the most concerning problem with the students going abroad for seeking higher education. Communicate! This is the only way to stay away from such depressing feelings. Try to talk to the people at your classes, make friends and hang out with them. You can also try interacting with your property owners or stay with a flatmate to avoid loneliness.

The Internet has given us a very important tool to socialize and broaden our circle. So, use it to the most. Use online applications to meet new people and explore the city. Make regular calls to your family to feel connected and not secluded from them. Also, stay connected with old friends back in the country and keep up with their activities. This will help you deal with the homesick feeling and make you feel happier while abroad.

Sign Up for Activities:

Studying can sometimes take up all your energy and make you feel restless. That is why we always had a sports class in our school classroom schedules. Don’t forget this important lesson we learned in the school days, and enroll yourself up for some activities that you like. Regardless of whether you are in a foreign country for a month or years, you need to adjust to the new life that you are creating for yourself. And engaging in some physical activities are the best way to find a vent in between the hectic schedule.

You can join swimming, dancing, singing, playing, trekking, etc. whatever you like to do. This is the best way to open your mind to something new as well as the best place to communicate with people. You may find it interesting to talk to people and can also plan a few other activities together. The more you communicate, the better you will be dealing with the new lifestyle.

Explore the City:

Going to a new place to study is also an opportunity for you to learn a new culture and lifestyle. Foreign lands are unique in their own ways and definitely different from ours. So, go out and explore what the new land has to offer.

One of the best ways to stay happy is by spending your free time doing something. And nothing can be more interesting than visiting new places every time. Explore the city, the cultures, the festivities, etc. You can also find local cuisine interesting, especially if you are a foodie.

You can simply go out backpacking on the weekends to explore the city on your own or enroll in some community affairs. This will help you see most of the city from the local’s point of view whereas also help in interacting with different people. And you never, you might meet someone with similar interests to plan other activities too.

Get Moving:

Another best way to keep yourself happy and occupied (along with staying fit) is by exercising. Physical activities are the best way to give yourself the endorphins boost. These hormones will help you stay fresh, happy, as well as fit at the same time.

So, get yourself moving and do some yoga, aerobics, dance workouts, gym, or simply go out for a run. Choose whichever activity you like, but make sure to get moving to stay fit, healthy, happy, and also to flaunt your wardrobe collections.

Schedule a Reward Routine:

The best way to stay happy while on foreign soil is to set goals and reward yourself for achieving the same. It is important to trick our minds into staying happy at times. By setting goals and achieving it, you will keep your mind busy and focused. This will help you avoid any free, lonely, homesick time.

Also, make sure to reward yourself for achieving the goal; this keeps you motivated and focused at all time. This tip actually works in all parts of our life whether on foreign land or not. The reward can be anything from as small as a pie to buying those beautiful, costly shoes you saw on the showroom rack.


Studying abroad in fun and rewarding at the start, but can become a dull, homesick, lonely process over time. So, make sure that you keep yourself busy, motivated, and focused all the time. Because this is only what will help you stay happy while staying abroad. So, choose whichever method you like from the list or invent something new, but make sure to stay happy all the time for great results in your studies too.

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