5 Surprising Ways to Become A More Creative Person

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If sitting in a classroom all day or listening to an hour-long lecture seems boring to you, you’re not alone. Many students from all over the globe are plagued with the realization that academia can be boring.

No one blames you, it’s easy to get lost in the mundane day-to-day activities. However, it’s up to you to take control of the situation whenever possible and tap into your creative thinking skill set to you’re your creativity and to get yourself out of a boredom rut.

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It may seem crazy, but it’s not that hard to achieve if you put your mind to it. Even if you think you’re the most buttoned-up and least creative person on this planet, there are still simple ways that you can tap into your creativity and harness it for the good. Don’t believe it?

Here are five ways that you can become more creative easily.

#1: Surround yourself with creative people.

We are all products of our environment. Take a look at your family and friends—what are they like? Chances are high that you’re similar to the people who you surround yourself with.

If you are friends with many analytical people, chances are you’re also very analytical. Human beings adapt to their environments whether they’re aware that they’re doing it or not.

With that being said, you don’t have to abandon your friends that may not be as creative as others, but it would be beneficial to you to surround yourself or start hanging out with people who are more creative than you. Generally speaking, writers, artists, and musicians are among the most creative people out there.

Involving yourself with creative people will open your eyes to a new realm of possibilities and also expose you to new things that can spur your creativity. In many cases, you’ll find that you enjoy creative activities, like listening to new music or writing poetry.

In turn, this will unlock your creative thinking and get you out of a boredom rut. In a similar fashion, this will help you meet new people and friends.

The more you are exposed to new people or new activities, the better. It will also make it easier for you to come up with ideas or activities of your own that are new, exciting and creative.

Head to your music or art department at school to learn how you can involve yourself with creative-minded individuals. You can also see what clubs may be offered at your school.

#2: Put your phone down.

Technology has worked wonders for creativity, but too much technology can actually stifle creative expression and cause you to become disconnected with your own creativity and the world around you.

Smartphones allow you to be interconnected with technology, but that means that you’re constantly busy. In most cases, a busy mind is not a rested or creative mind. If you’re bored, chances are high that your technology is exacerbating the issue.

Many experts believe that time spent doing nothing is crucial for spurring creativity. When you’re on your phone, you may think that you’re doing nothing, but you’re preoccupying your mind with mindless tasks and preventing yourself from tapping into your creative mind.

Moreover, always being on your phone prevents you from being present in the world, which is a truly inspiring force. Next time you’re reaching for your phone, think twice if it’s necessary to be on it. In many instances, it’s not.

#3: Focus on your self-care.

It may seem silly, but self-care is wildly important when it comes to improving your creativity. While self-care can include going to the spa, it isn’t isolated to that instance. Self-care truly means taking steps daily to replenish your energy and positivity, two key components in preserving creativity and preventing burnout.

Self-care looks different for every single person. For some, self-care means that they need to meditate daily. For others, self-care means they need to take a walk in the middle of the day or exercise after work.

Find what self-care means for you and start practicing it. Doing so will help you not only boost your creativity but will also help you improve your overall physical, mental and emotional health.

#4: Get your sweat on.

Exercising is not only good for your physical well-being—it’s a great way to improve creativity, too. This doesn’t mean that in order to be creative, you have to spend hours at the gym or run marathons. Getting even 30 minutes of exercise daily has been proven to boost creativity in those who otherwise remain sedentary.

Additionally, exercising causes your body to release endorphins which are proven to reduce stress and improve your mood. When your brain is happy, it’s also able to more creative than it is when you’re stressed out or in a bad mood. So, if you’re looking to improve your creativity, you may want to try exercising.

If you’re new to exercising, start out slow so that you don’t put yourself at risk of an injury. Start out by going for a walk or a short jog, or doing some yoga. Talk to your doctor before starting any training regimen.

#5: Schedule time in your day to be creative.

In the day and age where people lead incredibly busy lives, if you don’t specifically make time to do something, you typically push it off to the side. That’s why, if you truly want to improve your creativity, you need to make it a priority.

One easy way to do so is to schedule time dedicated to being creative like you would schedule a doctor’s appointment. You don’t necessarily have to schedule what you plan on doing during your creative time, but some people block off time to explore new art or read a book.

Whatever you do, make sure your creative time isn’t interrupted by mindless cellphone usage or other activities that would hinder your creativity.


If you’re not a naturally creative person, it can be hard to imagine a world where you become one. Every person possesses an amount of creativity, it’s just up to you to tap into yours.

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